17th Street Animal Hospital was established in Santa Ana, California in 1992 by Dr. Coghlan

About Us

17th Street Animal Hospital was established in Santa Ana, California in 1992. Dr. Coghlan lived in the area at the time and noticed the need for a local facility.

Since that time the Hospital has grown to serve patients from Long Beach to San Clemente . Full dental, surgical, radiological, endoscopic and laboratory services are provided.

"I guess my philosophy is to treat as I would like to be treated, inform and educate, and never sell out for personal gain."

Dr. Coghlan has a very natural and conservative approach to wellness. He has always believed that natural remedies combined with modern medicine give a more safe, effective and balanced approach to pet health.

"Empathy and common sense are essential in a medical profession where your patients refuse to talk and do their best to hide what hurts."

17th Street Animal Hospital carries a wide variety of diets available for specific conditions.

Dr. Coghlan's background in nutrition becomes evident from the first visit. If you need something not readily available at the hospital, you can have it delivered to your door with their partnership with Vetcentric's delivery service.

"My foundation for nutrition is wellness based on evolution. I have a hard time believing that the dog or the cat as a species can forget millions of years of evolution and live healthy eating out of a bag or a can their whole lives. Try adding some raw veggies and fruits to the diet on a routine basis. Cats like fresh grass, cantaloupe and pumpkin. Don't be afraid to give them bits of fresh chicken or fish (preferably undercooked) or even green beans. Dogs will eat a much larger variety. You can begin with apples, carrots, banana and broccoli. In short, I would prefer a bit of real beef or turkey jerky be given than the imitation brands." Never give sweets or fats.